The Softer Side

Things quieted down for a few days… maybe it was something in the water making these kids crazier than usual.  Maybe it was the fact that Ryder had his tonsils out and was taking tylenol with codeine.  Oh yes, and Peyton slept at my mother’s house for two days… so there really weren’t too many opportunities for the moonstruck kids to strike.  I promise to keep you updated as things progress back to normal.  There is sure to be something that will rock my type A, OCD persona very soon.  

On the softer side… Peyton and Ryder really do love one another.  Tonight while teaching a class, Peyton wanted to tag along.  I teach the course at the school where I work and the boys both attend.  In Ryder’s preschool classroom, each child has a jar that gets filled with pom poms for behavior incentives.  When they fill their jar, they win a prize.  Peyton was playing quietly, so I thought, and when I took a break from the class discussion, I decided to check on him.  I found him near the pom pom jars and immediately noticed that Ryder’s jar was stuffed with pom poms and the lid was back on and tightened.  I looked at Peyton who smirked back up at me.  “Did you fill Ryder’s jar?”  “Yeh mom, I want Ryder to win his prize.”  To this I reply, “Did you put pom poms in any of the other jars?”  “Nope, just Ryder’s and he is going to be so excited,” responded Peyton.  

I didn’t have it in me to preach about not touching things that aren’t his.  I actually felt proud that he was wanting something good for his brother and the joke wasn’t on me!  So, we left the pom poms.  I’m not sure how Ryder’s teacher will react in the morning, but it warms my heart when the boys look out for one another.  These moments of good faith have seemed so far and few between the last few weeks… so I decided to not pick this battle, but instead, chalk it up as a victory!  1 Point for Peyton- the tin man got his heart!