Happy Monday… Not.

Mondays have a bad reputation- as they should.  My Mondays are always full of surprises- at work, in my personal life, and of course with the kids.  Who am I kidding, every day with these two boys is a surprise.  I have learned to expect the unexpected and always, ALWAYS anticipate the worse when you hear silence.

I hopped out of the shower to a banging noise against the bathroom door this morning.  I swung the door open to find Peyton and Ryder constructing a fort with the chase lounge chair in my bedroom and the blankets and sleeping bags that they collected from the hallway linen closet.  I’m still tired from yesterday so I softly say, “Clean it up.”  Some resistance came from them both and I saw their mouths moving, but I don’t think I really heard the words, as I repeated “Clean it up.”  I closed the bathroom door so I could actually put some clothes on and I closed my eyes hoping when I opened them, and the door again, that the mess would disappear.  Slowly, I opened the door, then slowly I opened my eyes… and the room was spotless.  Nice… Monday is going to be better.  However, it’s quiet and there are no kids in sight.  I think I jinxed myself.

Oh crap, I hear ludacris rapping in playroom North… I call from the top of the stairs for the boys to come up.  Peyton stands at the bottom of the stairs with his microphone firmly planted in his hand ready to serenade me with some “Never Say Never.”  I cut him off and with instinct that only a mom has, I ask “where is the dog?”  Ryder replies, “We put her outside!”  He even jumps up and down as if he is excited to tell me that they “helped.”  I ask if they used the leash and the answer comes in unison: “no.”  I tell them to go up to their rooms and sit on their beds while I let the dog in and put together their lunches.

I’m making lunches now, and thinking to myself… is there something in these lunches that might be causing my children to have an allergic reaction?  No Red 40… Gluten?  I don’t freaken know!  Whatever, I don’t have time to start the “elimination” diet today.  I am not super mom.  I never claimed to me.  Time is not on my side, so I am all about convenience at this stage in the game.  It’s quiet.  The kids never stay in their respective rooms quietly. Shit, silence… I’m expecting the worse!

I creep up the stairs to see Ryder’s room vacant and Peyton’s bedroom door shut.  THIS is not a good sign.  I open the door and it looks like Barnes and Noble.  No exaggeration, it looks like Mo Willems threw up stories all over Peyton’s room.  “What are you doing?!” I exclaim.  Oh dear, the expressions on their face- no, not fear of being busted, but instead, their perfect faces radiated pride.  At that moment I told myself to breathe and I gave them a chance to explain.  Peyton says, “Mom, we made a book fair!”  Honest to god, they made a book fair.  My school just had the Scholastic book fair last week and so the boys were around it daily.  How do I even get angry at that? How do I, a Daycare Director with a Literacy certification, get mad at my boys for creating a book fair?

I didn’t.  In fact, I didn’t even insist that they clean it up.  Ha, I work late tonight anyway, so it’s not my problem.  😉  The book fair was a cute idea.  Just not on a Monday morning… but I kept my cool.  I’m learning to pick my battles…  I love those kids.  How is it possible that kids slowly kill us, but at the same time, they give our life meaning and give us a reason to live?!


About mymoonstruckkids

Mom. I'm a mom. For five years I have been a mom and I have indeed forgotten who I am outside of that. I'm bland, but my temper is spicy. I adore food, hence the unintended food reference. My kids adore food. And yes, their tempers are spicy. We all adore food, but our palates are bland. I have a degree in Education and I've taken many courses in child psychology and behavior management, yet they don't seem to transfer over into my own life. I am Director at a daycare that has over 139 families enrolled and I can train talented staff, but yet in my home, nobody hears a word I say. So, I'm just a mom. A mom who sometimes thinks her children have got to be the most moonstruck kids on the planet Earth... I'm here to share my experiences and I pray that all you moms with moonstruck kids won't feel so alone. We all know misery loves company. Anybody who says different is lying. When you are having one of those days where you need a glass of wine or you're going to kill your kids, tune in and laugh at me. Take comfort in my chaos, for I promise you are not the only one...

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